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911 Lawsuit Loans, Your Helping Hand with Lawsuit Loans

911 lawsuit loans are a national legal funding company, which is always available to serve the attorneys and their clients being a victim of some accident.Until the time, the plaintiff cases are not settled, we provide advances to the people. While negotiating for the settlement or getting involved with the insurance company, we can understand that a lot of time and money is being wasted.


We can help you reduce your stress by applying for a lawsuit loan with us. One has to go through the stress of paying the bills not even knowing the time the settlement will take. Under 911 lawsuit loans, one can get some assurance to pay the important expenses until their attorney is busy in negotiating for the settlement.


Quick and expert Services at the Lowest Rates


We understand that many companies will like your business. This reason encourages us and makes us feel proud to provide efficient and professional services. One can get funding anytime and we are open for the 24 hours. We take not more than 24 hours to provide funding if your application is being accepted. We understand your urgent needs of funding, which are why; we try to offer all time funding. We have no reason to stop this funding to reach you as soon as possible. Your situation and case will decide the interest rest, but we offer as little as 2 per cent.




The best thing people like about our business is that we provide no risk loans. With non- recourse funding, the victim does not have to pay us back in case of not winning the settlement.


Our services are available for those who could not get help from anywhere else!


Other companies may say no to you but 911 deals with every kind of case with experienced staff members. With our broad legal background, we can fund the cases ranging from slip accidents to complex litigation procedures.911 lawsuit loans can help you any type of litigation.


Larger Lawsuit Loans


We provide a much higher amount as lawsuit loan as compared to other lawsuit companies. The money or amount is not an issue for us because we consider the merit of every case with loans ranging from $500 to $500,000.


Additional Funding


If you need even more funding even after the initial funding then 911 lawsuit loans is available for you. We know that the litigation process can be very lengthy. A lawsuit has to pass through many legal processes. We can provide you a lawsuit loan whenever you feel the need and it is a common procedure to get 2 to 4 funding accepted during a lengthy litigation process.


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Michael Smith is the Customer Experience Director at 911 Lawsuit Loans LLC and is responsible for client relations throughout the funding.
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