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Accident Cash Advance: Funding Your Accident Lawsuit

Samantha and Ronald Colosimo wanted to get away from their busy schedules and decided to relax at Mountaineer Race Track and Gaming Resort, which is a racetrack and gaming resort owned by Mountaineer Park Inc., Mountaineer Race Track and Gaming Resort and MTR Gaming Group Inc.


On February 23, 2013, Samantha Colosimo slipped on a puddle of water on their resort’s bathroom floor. The Colosimo’s filed a lawsuit against the resort and cited that the accident was due to negligence.


The couple is seeking damages worth more than $50 thousand.


Accident Cases Are Lengthy Battles

What made the Colosimos file a suit against Mountaineer Race Track and Gaming Resort? How do they plan to proceed with their case?


According to the couple, it is the duty of the resort to keep their facilities clean and safe. It is also the resort management’s duty to maintain the satisfaction of their clients. However, due to the resort’s negligence as well as failing to keep their facilities well maintained, Samantha slipped, had fallen and injured.


Cases involving accidents are usually lengthy. Most people involved in these cases result to availing a legal cash advance because they need a way to pay for their medical bills while waiting for the court’s verdict.


No decision has been made yet but the Colosimo’s are currently paying for the damages that were caused by the accident. They will personally shoulder the hospital bills, emergency fees, doctors’ professional fees, treatment and medicine. Since they are still waiting for the verdict, a cash advance will aid them in paying their medical bills.


Accident Cash Advance Can Fund Your Hospital Bills

Are your medical bills piling up? Do you need quick cash for your financial emergencies? A personal injury loan can pull you out of your increasing pile of hospital bills.


A legal accident advance is a great way to finance your medical costs while waiting for a court decision. Most funding companies offer loans ranging from $1,000 up to $250,000. The amount is dependent on the viability of your case as well as the extent of your injuries.


Legal funding companies offer various cash advances such as accident cash advance, wrongful death cash loan as well as slip and fall cash advance. The latter type is ideal for the Colosimo’s, since their situation perfectly fits with the lawsuit loan’s requirements.

In addition, these funding companies offer their assistance to people whose experienced misfortunes due the following:

As a victim of mismanagement, you do not have to suffer further because of your hospital bills. Many companies are willing to provide financial assistance until your court case is done.  But non other company out-preforms 911 Lawsuit Loans.  At 911 Lawsuit Loans, our client are our number one priority.


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