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Each year, thousands of people have personal injury due to medical malpractice, auto accident, product liability, slip and fall, and many other causes. Many of them also file a lawsuit, but they have to wait years before their case is resolved. During this period, these plaintiffs face huge financial burden of their medical expenses, lost salary, living expenses, legal costs, etc. and, ultimately they are forced to settle their lawsuit out of court or withdraw their case, because they find it difficult to cope with the surmounting financial pressure. However, there are many legal funding companies that offer litigation funding to plaintiffs to pursue their lawsuit without any interruption.


Lawsuit cases eligible for such funding

If you are planning to file a lawsuit, or have already filed one, and your case is being represented by an attorney, then you can apply for litigation funding through a reliable funding and financial company. This lawsuit funding is provided to plaintiffs and attorneys in a broad selection of lawsuit cases. Some of the lawsuit types in which cash advances is given, include personal injury lawsuit, slip and fall lawsuit, medical malpractice lawsuit, auto accident lawsuit, class action lawsuit, worker’s compensation lawsuit, mass tort lawsuit, product liability lawsuit, premises lawsuit, and and many more.


Benefits of this funding

With litigation funding, the claimants can have adequate money to pay their legal fees and all other expenses, while successfully pursuing their lawsuit case. The borrowed funds are paid back only after successful settlement of the lawsuit, so you will not have any serious financial hardship later. If the settlement amount is not large enough to repay the funding, or unfortunately you lose the lawsuit case, you do not need to pay back the lent money. This legal funding enables you to get the right settlement of your lawsuit case.


Most of the legal financing companies offer litigation funding to plaintiffs without checking their credit or involving a lengthy application procedure. Those who have bad credit or have no credit are also eligible for applying for this fund. You do not need to be employed in a company or running your own business for getting this legal financial help. Besides this, the lender will not ask for monthly payments or any upfront fees for the lent amount. Once your lawsuit case is settled in your favor, you have to pay the funding company a percentage share of your settlement.


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