Premises Liability-Who Is Liable?

Slip and fall2

Who has Liability?

The owner of a property is responsible for the safety and well-being of those that come to visit there. This also applies to anyone that is renting a space such as an apartment or commercial retail space. If you are visiting someone else’s space and you are injured as a result of their failure to maintain a safe hazardless dwelling then it is the responsibility of the owner or renter’s responsibility to handle any costs that are associated with your injury, specifically your medical bills. If these individuals do not step up to this responsibility, you can use pre-settlement funding to take action.

Don’t Deal with Mismanagement

People who have been injured because a building was not properly taken care of are entitled to compensation. Whether a piece of plaster fell because a wall is damaged or you slipped because someone did not shovel their driveway in adequate time in the winter, you deserve to have the owner step up and take responsibility for their lack of care. When they fail to take this level of responsibility you may have no choice but to use a lawsuit settlement loan to get the cash you need to pursue your case, forcing individuals to live up to their legal obligations.

Battling Insurance Companies

In many cases, people who own commercial spaces need to cover accidents on their property with liability insurance. This means you are not battling the shop owner but his insurance company to get the compensation you need for your medical bills. Since insurance companies are notorious for dragging cases out to escape their responsibility you can use a lawsuit cash advance to cover your expenses so you can keep your lawyer on retainer as long as you need to. This way you don’t have to take a lesser settlement just because an insurance company has more money to throw around than you do.

Asking for Damages is Not Unreasonable

Your lawyer may have told you that you are entitled to more money because of the pain and suffering you endured, but the insurance company says that these additional claims are greedy. If your lawyer recommended a particular settlement to you, they did not do so just to up the price tag of your case. They know how injuries like yours deserve to be compensated and are trying to get you what is fair. Do not let the insurance company pressure you into taking less than you deserve. Use a lawsuit advance to see your case through and get what was promised to you.