What is a Lawsuit Loan?


Lawsuit loan, what is it?

In your lawsuit settlement, you may be provided with cash – this cash represents lawsuit loan. You will get cash in advance (before your case settles). The settlement is considered to be repaid after the case settles.


Are there any benefits from lawsuit loan?


Of course there are – otherwise people wouldn’t use it. Firstly, it is very known that lawsuit process can last for years. But, what when you need money now, and not in a few years when the case is settled? Here lawsuit loan jumps in – you’ll get the money you need right away, so you can cover all expenses you may have until your case is closed. Secondly, did you know that lawsuit laws are also known as pre settlement funding? This term is used by insurance companies which know that victims usually experience financial problems.



What if I don’t receive my settlement? Do I have to repay my loan?


No! We offer you non-recourse pre settlement funding – this means that you don’t owe us nothing if you don’t win your case.


How long do I have to wait before I receive my lawsuit loan?


If everything is okay with the documentation, you’ll receive your load within less than 24 hours.


Is there any check (credit or employment)?


You do not have to be employed in order to get pre settlement funding and there is also no such thing as credit check.


Are there any fees I need to pay in order to get a lawsuit loan?


No, you don’t have to pay any fee, there is nothing similar here. We get paid only when you win your case and receive your settlement.


I want a lawsuit loan – will I need an attorney?


Yes. This is necessary because your attorney will represent you. Don’t worry, this won’t be an extra cost for you – the attorney is working on a contingency basis, so you’ll pay him after you win the case and receive your settlement.


Is there any age restriction?


You need to be at least 18 years old if you want to get a lawsuit loan.


And what about your rates?


We have the lowest possible rates you’ll find on the market. Only 1% a month.


What’s the application process?


Application process is not very complicated. You can give us a call at (866) 941-5588 if you prefer ‘’traditional’’ phone call communicating, or you can fill out online application form (our representative will contact you very shortly). From the moment you contacted us, it will pass 24 hours before you get your lawsuit loan.


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About the author
Michael Smith is the Customer Experience Director at 911 Lawsuit Loans LLC and is responsible for client relations throughout the funding.
Author:Mike Smith