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5-22-2014 4-20-04 PM

The ability to fight the lawsuits to it’s absolute potential is offered here in the form of Litigation Funds. 911lawsuitloans that you avail with us are non-recourse loans. You do not repay us, if you lose. In the current day’s rough economic situations, we do sympathize upon the so many numbers of plaintiffs who are faced with big challenges upfront. To support them we are offering our best possible financial assistance as such. We protect them in that way to not to be forced to accept the minimal compensation awarded by the defendant and company. Call us here, 911lawsuitloans, to get your easy lawsuit funding in less than just 48 hours or so.

I have received Settlement Funding, from some other company already, so what shall I do now to come to you?

In the event that your case is approved for Pre Settlement Loans, grant, then you can get as much additional money as possible from us. We will be paying off the company to which you owe already and then take it all under our control from then onwards. Usually such changes are made, when the plaintiffs realize that our rates are lower from what they are getting from somewhere else with some other funding firm. To cut down the interest rates they like to switch over from one funder to the other. You are most welcome to come to us at any point of time in that manner and we are ready to assist you here by all means.

Is it possible for me to get the repayment done ahead of the case settlement?

Yes, it is certainly possible to do so. There is no prepayment penalty collected as such in that way to accept your repayment done well in ahead of time.

Are bad credit profiles, unemployment or complete bankruptcy a hindrance in getting the Lawsuit Funding, by any means?

Not at all, there is any chance for you to be denied with a cash advance just because of the reasons that are stated in the question above. As it is not at all a loan that we are offering to you, we do not consider any such checks such as the bad credit profile, or income proof or collateral and so on. Based upon the case potential we award you funds. Decisions are purely based upon the merit of the case and nothing else. Lawsuit Cash Advances, approval once done; you can get the cash readily in your bank account.
Will you intervene in our case?

No way, we can do that. We are purchasing a portion of the case, for true, but it does not mean by any chance that we can intervene in your case.
All your queries are most welcome here at 911lawsuitloans. We are more than delighted to answer your queries in total confidentiality. Call us here, 911lawsuitloans