Lawsuit Loans – Leveling the Financial Playing Field


Lawsuits are financially draining for most people who plan to file a litigation. Most people are sometimes discouraged to do so because of the amount of money spent for lawyer fees and other court appearances. Lawsuits are often stretched at a longer period of time, and this may be a problem for individuals who do not have the money to sustain the litigation for long periods of time. Thus, a lawsuit loan can be a very good option for people who are in dire financial situation, but there is a compelling reason to sue.


Leveling the Playing Field


Most often than not, defense lawyers with great company compensation are intimidating for individuals who want to sue a large company. Proceedings maybe long winded until it reaches its conclusion or that a settlement has been met. A lawsuit loan may be made to provide equity between the defendant and the plaintiff. This funding allows the plaintiff leverage in the playing field, until he or she awaits settlement of the case. Accordingly, for one to merit the applicability of a loan, the case must have a very strong and compelling merit.



Most of those approved for loans are those in personal injury cases, civil rights cases and workers compensation, anti-trust claims, anti-competitive claims and commercial cases. The litigation funding allows the plaintiff freedom and flexibility over where to use the funds. Although it is generally used for litigation matters, some of the funds may be used for funding medical bills or family support.


Non-Recourse Lawsuit Funding Company


911 Lawsuit Loans LLC is a non-recourse legal funding company, which offers any type of loans to its clients. We are a different type of funding as there is a process involved where the lenders with due diligence, studies the case thoroughly and they will determine if you qualify for funding or not. This is to ensure that settlement is really attainable. This allows the company to assess if the legal proceeding has a very strong case merit. The company also has underwriters who will assess your case thoroughly.


The Lawsuit Loan Application Process


The process for acquiring for a settlement funding is a thorough process. That means that you have to prepare the necessary documents for your case. Pre-settlement staff from 911LSL LLC will attend to you to discuss the background of the case. You are to brief the legal professional of the case and the reasons why you need such funding. After the case has found such strong merit, you are now assured that the playing field is more equal in terms of how your case will be represented.



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Michael Smith is the Customer Experience Director at 911 Lawsuit Loans LLC and is responsible for client relations throughout the funding.
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