Requirements of 911 Lawsuit Loans Funding


The Context of Lawsuit Loans

Legal battles occur most often in a country that is steeped with a lot of cases that is work related, accidents, injuries, class suits, and the like. This litigation case will not be easy on plaintiffs. The first and foremost problem every plaintiff faces is the financial burden that these battles require. This becomes more problematic when the case rendered the person not fit for work and has to go hospital treatments. This experience then will snowball in all aspects of a plaintiff’s life. There are financial needs for the upkeep of daily living, mortgages for house or cars, treatments, attorney’s fees, education of children and so many more. This produces another kind of pressure that is both emotional and psychological. Lastly, relationships maybe strained in the process.

Why Pre-Settlement Companies Help

A pre-settlement funding is the answer for a plaintiff’s financial, emotional, and stress-related woes. Companies like 911 Lawsuit Loans provide the much needed lawsuit loan for plaintiffs to answer all financial woes. This is designed to meet all the most pressing needs a plaintiff faces while awaiting the result of a case. We understand the strain most cases have on families, marriages, and individuals. That is why we have easy policies that do not require so much effort on your part. The loan is not dependent on your credit rating or work employment.

Processing of Requirements

The processing of requirements involves the following easy steps.

You can contact any 911 Lawsuit Loans staff and submit your case to us. An efficient pool of persons will go through your case. We will thoroughly study the case, investigate the context with which this was done, and we will also confer with your lawyers regarding this. You are asked to submit the documents needed as supporting papers to build up the case. You are also assigned a case officer in our staff. An experienced lawyer from our company will also review the case.

Once the merit is strong, we will proceed with the pre-settlement loan process. We have a very easy process and we make sure you get your cash the soonest possible time. The decision on where the money is allotted is upon your discretion. Note that the process is non-recourse. Meaning you do not owe us anything if in case your case lost. You will pay us an agreed amount stated in the contract after you received your settlement money. Feel free to contact us for any more questions or clarifications.



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Michael Smith is the Customer Experience Director at 911 Lawsuit Loans LLC and is responsible for client relations throughout the funding.
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