Pre-Settlement Loans Funding

At 911Lawsuitloans, we understand how life comes at a halt when you are injured due to someone else’s fault but have to pay your financial obligations. It becomes more chaotic when your lawsuit is still under trial and no signs of getting resolved in the near future. If this is your ordeal, we are here with our pre-settlement funding services that provide you with a non-recourse advance so that you can easily fulfill your financial burdens.

Pre Settlement Loan Extremely Fast And Simple:

Our pre-settlement funding experts at 911Lawsuitsloan have only one vision to move with. And that is to pull you out from the financial burden occurred due to pre-settlement lawsuit. We never set a limit for your pre settlement loan and you are free to spend the amount the way you want. Our services are prompt and simple. We put our best efforts to ensure our clients a fair settlement. We make sure that you will repay your pre-settlement lawsuit loan if the case comes in your favor.

Easy process For Quick Resolution:

We do follow a very straightforward process to ensure hassle-free pre-settlement funding. Once our executives receive your application, they start working on your case. They collect every information and document relevant and crucial to the case. They decide the payment schedule and the amount of money after assessing your case. We also complete the discourse if it demands little conversation with your attorney. Once pre settlement funding is approved we present to you the contract comprising payment terms and rates.

Why 911Lawsuitloans?


Some of our clients ask us if we have any arrangement by offering advance in installments. We say yes. If you request you to do so, our pre settlement loan specialists will help you to decide a mutual payment schedule structure as per your financial needs. Following are the benefits you obtain when you allow us to serve you in your pre-settlement funding.

  • Non-recourse funding for all
  • Streamlined claim review process
  • Competitive rates and faster approvals
  • No Credit Check or Employment Requirements
  • Constant communication throughout the case
  • No set limits on money borrowed
  • Non-recourse pre-settlement lawsuit funding

We value your time and easily recognize your needs. Therefore, put on the plane a simplified pre settlement loan application process and 48-hour approval with the best possible rates. Still have doubts? Call our 24×7 Helpline and get the free consultation on the case. No one can deal you the way we can.


It helped me to keep my vehicle payments up until I was able to go back to work.

Randall P. Orlando Florida