Frequently asked questions:

Am I eligible for litigation funding advance?
You are eligible to get the advance funding if you have filed a litigation, availing the services of an attorney and/or awaiting a lawsuit payment. Please note that an individual under the age of 18 are not eligible for these funds.
Is this A Traditional Loan?
No, not at all. 911 Lawsuit Loans litigation funding is not a traditional loan. There are no credit or employments checks, there are no scheduled monthly re-payment schedules. In fact, if we fund your case then you only repay the amount only after a successful settlement or win. If you lose the case, you owe us nothing.
Are employment and good credit the prerequisite?
When you are with 911 lawsuit loans, it hardly matters what the employment status you enjoy and what your credit history is. All we consider here is a solid case backed with documentary proofs.
What’s Next After My Cash Advance Application?
Once your duly filled application is received, we will contact your attorney to scrutinize your documents and status of your lawsuit. The underwriting process should take no more than a day or two to complete. Once the review is completed, we will contact you with an approved cash advance estimate.
What about the application money, upfront and monthly payments?
There are none, no upfront fees and never monthly re-payments. We are an ethical and professional lawsuit funding solution provider. We understand how tough it is to manage your expenses when litigation is under process and the outcome is still awaited. We never ask for up-front fees or monthly payments of any kind from the plaintiffs. We request payment only if the case is successfully settled and you receive payment on your lawsuit.
How much time it takes to approve the loan?
We leave no stone unturned to process the application and credit the cash to the plaintiffs on ASAP basis. However we request you to give us up to 48 hours to do so. This is the maximum time frame we take to process your application on the basis of the information furnished by you. 911 Lawsuit loans reaffirm that your past credit history and financial strength are never checked during the process. The details of your lawsuit is the only thing that is evaluated
What the role my attorney will play here?
Very significant role indeed. We consistently get in touch with your attorney to evaluate your case and making the advance. He is the person who provides us the required documents we need to process your application. They will be in the constant touch to keep track of the case progress.

The loan I received from 911 Lawsuit Loans helped me tremendously. I was, and I am still out of work because of this accident. All my bills have piled up on me and I could not have gotten them paid if it were not for 911 Lawsuit Loans. The staff that I worked with was excellent! I look forward to working with and receiving help from you again.

John J. Doral Florida