Why Choose Us

911LawsuitLoans is has consistently been the leaders in the legal funding industry with a range of lawsuit funding services to the plaintiffs. We offer plaintiffs the best representation they seek and assist them to continue living life while their litigation is under process. We help them to pay their expenses without any strain in the times of financial hardship. 911Lawsuitlonas specializes in lawsuit funding or litigation financing for plaintiffs with a pending or settled lawsuit. Justice means not having to settle for less than your case is worth. We will relieve the financial burden so your legal team can focus on the end result, winning your case.

We Make The Entire Process Easy –

If you are undergoing the financial stress due to a yet-to-settle litigation, our litigation funding solutions are there to give you enough funds to pay your expenses. Settle for the amount you want to have and not what your solution provider promises to give. The money we provide goes directly to your account and you can use it the way you want. Our legal funding can get you what you need during the time when you need it most. Following are the salient features of our litigation funding that make us the leaders in the industry.

  • NO credit or bad credit is no problem
  • NO monthly payments
  • NO employment require
  • NO repayment should you lose your case
  • NO upfront out of pocket fees
  • NO payment until your case settles

We are one among the best and reliable litigation funding provider in the region. The lawsuit cash advance that we offer can help you to the avoid accepting minimal settlements due to personal financial pressures.

Cash when you need it -

A lawsuit cash advance can eliminate the need to accept minimal settlements due to personal financial pressures and gets you the fair and just settlement you deserve. The money goes directly to you and can be used as you see fit. Our legal funding can get you what you need during the time when you need it most. All its need is an easy application form to be filled and you are done.

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The advance that was given to me was very helpful. I Have two kids and a newborn and there were alot of things that I was able to provide for my family.

Theresa B. Oakland California