Litigation Funding

A litigation funding is a type of legal financing option that allows advances to the plaintiffs going under a litigation process and waiting for final judgment. Litigation financing helps them to take care of their growing cash flow needs. During the commercial legal proceedings, it becomes tough to manage the personal and business expenses since the capital cash flow is hit badly.  To alleviate  the cash problems during the litigation, 911Lawsuitsloan offers its competent and hassle-free litigation funding  services to the plaintiffs.

Specially Designed Litigation Funding :

Our litigation funding services help plaintiffs and claimants to meet escalating cost of solicitors, barristers and experts required in handling litigation. We have an in-house team of legal experts who thoroughly examine every fact related to the litigation such as the facts of the dispute, claimable assets and the governing laws associated with the dispute. We take up almost every any commercial case that fulfills our criterion. The cases of our interests include:

  • General commercial litigation
  • Intellectual property
  • Patent infringements
  • Contractual disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of trust
  • Misrepresentation

Litigation Funding Process We Follow

Being one of the most reputed and renowned litigation funding companies, we ensure complete or partial litigation funding packages in adherence with the clients’ requirements. Our litigation funding follows a very transparent and effective process:

1.Complete Claim Assessment:

The claim selection criterion we follow is rigorous. Our legal experts find the suitability of the case by analyzing numerous legal facts associated with the claim.

2. Effective Claim management:

911Lawsuitsloan has an in-house team of legal and funding experts who perform the task of claim management. Our knowledgeable legal team comprises debt recovery experts and case analysts who take care of the process until its recovery.

3. Final Processing:

This is the final phase of our process that we carefully execute. We understand that looking passively to it may make it fail at the last stages. We therefore take a proactive approach and push it until a successful enforcement.

Call 911Lawsuitsloan Now:

When you are with our legal experts, you are in safe hands. Our litigation funding is backed with a range of payment models, available to the that radically mitigates the cost incurred on legal disputes. At 911Lawsuitsloan we believe in perfection therefore put on the work only the professionals with knowledge, experience and skills necessary to manage the claim effectively in plaintiffs’ favor. Throughout the legal process we build positive and constructive relationships with all the stakeholders.


This advance helped me immensely. I had not worked for several months. I really was injured during my accident and have had trouble keeping a position due to my back pain. This advance helped me catch up on some bills that could not wait any longer. I am very thankful for the loan.

Mathew S. Brooklyn, New York