Settlement Loans

At 911Lawsuitsloan we understand that for plaintiffs it’s tough to bear the litigation process as it exhausts them emotionally and financially. We help all those in this tough economy who are waiting for their litigation process to settle but utility bills continue to come in. Our settlement process helps plaintiffs in managing their growing financial need with the help of most comprehensive pre-settlement and post-settlement funding.

Why We Are Different:

Unlike other lawsuit funding companies, we offer you the lowest financing rates without hidden fees or other charges. If compared to other litigation lenders and financial institutions, we don’t have affiliations with pay-day lending providers. Interest rates are compounded monthly, but all clients are provided with payoff rates schedule (payments for the loan are made completely when
case is successfully settled).

Total Pay-Off Amount to be paid by the Seller to Purchaser follows the below listed schedule:

  • Minimum amount due on or before the first six (6) month Anniversary: $29,900.00
  • After six (6) month Anniversary, but on or before One Year Anniversary: $33,800.00
  • After One Year Anniversary, but on or before 18 month Anniversary: $37,700.00
  • After 18 month Anniversary, but on or before Two Year Anniversary: $41,600.00
  • After Two Year Anniversary, but on or before 30 month Anniversary: $45,500.00
  • After 30 month Anniversary, but on or before Three Year Anniversary: $49,400.00

Our settlement loans ensure sufficient amount to the borrower at lower rates. With our managed lawsuit settlement loans you needn’t to worry about monthly payments, hassles of upfront fees, sort of income verification, frequent credit checks, risk or set limit. We offer you quick loan approval and low interest rates. The lawsuit financing services that 911Lawsuitsloan offers include:

  • Pre-settlement funding
  • Commercial litigation funding
  • Post settlement funding
  • Structured settlement and attorney funding

Lawsuit Settlement Funding

Our pre-settlement funding service is deliberately meant to offer a non-recourse advance plaintiffs on their pending lawsuit so that they can easily meet their current financial obligations during a lawsuit. Our lawsuit consultants ensure that you get your Lawsuit cash advance without delay so that you can pay your medical bills, cover living expenses and avail some cash for emergency as well. Following are the case types we specialize in:

  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Premises Liability
  • Automobile Accident
  • Slip and Fall
  • Product Liability
  • Personal Injury Case

Why Us

We have immense experience and proficiency in lawsuit financing business and take no time in approving your lawsuit settlement loans and litigation financing if your case is strong. We start working as soon as we receive your application and other supporting documents. Our skilled underwriters scrutinize your application with utmost seriousness. Once approved, we hand over your lawsuit cash advance within 24 hours. The non-recourse lawsuit funding we offer is 100% risk free and the fastest in the industry.


It helped me to keep my vehicle payments up until I was able to go back to work.

Randall P. Orlando Florida