Legal Cash and Loan Solutions

We understand how livelihood becomes a nightmare when you go through a litigation pending against you. You ought to pay all your personal and business expenses but serious cash crunch prevents you to do so. 911Lawsuitloans, a leading and responsible legal financial solutions provider helps you with a range of legal cash options specially designed to assist plaintiffs like you who have no way out to face sudden financial disasters such as foreclosure, eviction, bankruptcy and ruined credit.

Experience An Entire Easy Way Of Getting Legal Cash Loans :

If you are seeking an urgent legal loan to cash in tough times ahead the pending litigations, 911Lawsuitloans is with you. We are a renowned and a reputed litigation funding company working for the clients with high ethical standards, clear terms, and fair repayment options. We are here to assist plaintiffs with legal loans and ensure it its cost never exceed the value of a settlement. We undertake following cases with complete responsibility:

  • Construction negligence
  • Pedestrian injury lawsuit
  • Slip and Fall
  • Premises Injury
  • Worker Compensation
  • Medical Negligence
  • Road accident injury
  • Construction Accidents

Guaranteed Claim from a Reputed Company:

We have a team of legal experts who make the entire process easy and quick. To avail the legal loans, you needn’t to go through a complex credit checks or employment requirements and unlike other legal loan companies, 911Lawsuitloans asks for no monthly payments or upfront fees. We follow a very straightforward process here:

  • Fill-in our online Application or call us
  • Our legal experts send a document request to your attorney with a list of documents needed to process the claim.
  • They perform several reviews (not checks) including police reports, medical information, and insurance coverage if any.
  • Once documents received, our experts review the case.
  • We send your attorney an agreement for you to discuss and finalize.
  • Once the agreement is done properly in the presence of your attorney, we credit the funds to plaintiff’s account.

We provide you the cash advance you can use to facilitate your personal and commercial expenses. The legal cash we hand over to you is non-recourse. It means if you lose the case, you owe us nothing.


The loan I received from 911 Lawsuit Loans helped me tremendously. I was, and I am still out of work because of this accident. All my bills have piled up on me and I could not have gotten them paid if it were not for 911 Lawsuit Loans. The staff that I worked with was excellent! I look forward to working with and receiving help from you again.

John J. Doral Florida