Indiana litigation funding – we say Yes while others don’t

Personal injury loans can be interesting options for most plaintiffs out there, but how many of them are able to get it without hassles, is a challenging question though. Many cases are rejected or disapproved by many lawsuit advance funding firms easily. Reasons are petty though. They do not see enough substantial paper work done in the case and hence they reject it without a call. We operate in a totally different manner here. We do not take cases that are not eligible at all. Yet, we do consider a range of options that are usually not given a chance of consideration by the peers in the business as such.

Timely help

Do we have the extra patience to do so? It is not just that but the availability of adequate manpower, technical support, size, ability, core team power of the firm, stability of the firm in the market, and many other factors come into play, here. On top of all, the basic business motto of ours is mainly to help the needy and insane. It does not mean that we are running a non-profitable organization here. It just goes to show the flexibility in our operations which are not purely or solely profit motivated.


We can stretch a bit more in certain cases. This gives a whole lot of room for the plaintiffs that are desperate for financial assistance immediately. Lawsuit settlement loan is usually offered to these plaintiffs at the earliest possible with minimal processing work done. Grateful clients that get the legal finance in time from us, recommend us always, to those who are in need of lawsuit cash advance. This is how we had evolved in the past so far at a fastest pace. Please feel comfortable to call us here, 866-WE-FUND-U

Residents from Richmond, Speedway, Michigan City, Merrillville, Westfield, Valparaiso , New Castle, , Dyer, Frankfort, Huntington, Griffith , Crawfordsville, Lebanon, Jasper, Beech Grove, New Haven, St. John, Warsaw, Bedford, Chesterton West Lafayette, , Vincennes, Greenfield, Shelbyville , Logansport, , Auburn, Connersville, Avon, Lake Station, Madison, Schererville, Hobart, Marion, East Chicago, Plainfield, Crown Point, Munster, Brownsburg, Zionsville, Franklin, Highland , La Porte , Clarksville, Seymour and many other parts of Indiana trust us for our reliable legal finance services of the highest standards over the years. Does call use here, 866-WE-FUND-U?

Personal injury victims in and around Columbus or Portage or any other nook and corner of Indiana can instantly approach us for ready help financially. If you are not aware of our honorary services in this business since way long time now, get to know us now. is specially meant to help plaintiffs that are in need of financial assistance readily. Over the years, all we had earned from the clients of ours is great rapport, blessings and awards as such. The simple reason is that we are honest and dedicated in our services rendered to the clients under all circumstances.

We Stand by your side

We stand by law and do see to that our plaintiff clients are getting the best lawsuit loan benefits possible all the while through us. It is hard to undergo such worse plight when you are suffering badly from a personal injury. Person responsible for the accident that caused you the injury or his negligence is to be blamed for the serious havoc caused to you.

Right kind of settlement has to be paid to you through the courts of law. Still, when you have to wait for the case to be won in the court, you have no other choice but to use your own money all until you get the settlement. Yet, how many plaintiffs are backed up well financially in that way so that they can be able to meet their own needs and wants without any financial assistance from anyone else? Hardly a few might be there, as a matter of ground reality. Yes, it is why we started this noble gesture of helping the people who are in need. It is to assist people who are in desperate need for money, with lawsuit loans. Hence, there are not any lengthy procedures involved in the process as such.

We do not ask you to come to our facility and stand in queue to file your lawsuit finance application, like how the banks and financial institutions of the conventional kind do. We do not squeeze you out by asking to submit the collaterals, registration documents of your properties, and so on. We believe in you completely. Your case is our strength as a matter of fact. You get paid for the solidity in your case. When our underwriters see there are lot of chances for you to win the case as such, then you are offered with the legal finance instantly. Please visit here for filling in online application form,


I am a real estate broker, and my business has been very limited the last few months. Your advance was a great help in paying some bills and some other issues. I am interested in another advance to pay some real estate taxes and other bills. Your staff is very professional and I am happy with their attitude and service, the brokers and Joseph.

Russell C. Austin Texas