ATTORNEY FUNDING from 911LawsuitLoans

911LawsuitLoans provides financial assistance to plaintiffs, attorneys, and doctors with pending contingency lawsuits. The company is a leading provider of pre-settlement funding for personal injury, medical malpractice and wrongful death cases. We also fund post settlement, pre & post judgment, and appeal cases. Whether you’re an injured plaintiff faced with pressing financial concerns, or a hardworking attorney trying to maintain a successful practice, or a doctor or medical facility looking for a better financial resolution to replace your current medical lien problems, LAWSUIT FUNDERS may be able to help.

By removing the urgency and financial motivation to settle for less, 911LawsuitLoans is here to assist plaintiffs in attaining the settlement they deserve. A long and drawn out case works against attorneys and plaintiffs and can sometimes force a premature settlement resulting in less recovery. 911LawsuitLoans integrated financial and legal experts help level the playing field. Due to the importance the company places on professional integrity, most cases are referred by attorneys who care about the well being of their clients. Based in California, with branch offices and broker associates countrywide, the company provides legal funding services on a national scale.

There are many benefits of plaintiff litigation funding:

Substantial advances from $10,000 to over $10,000,000 available.

Maximize case value. Plaintiff funding can give your firm the latitude to obtain the best quality expert witnesses, time to conduct breakthrough discovery and the ability to hire the personnel needed for litigation management. With more and better resources, you can increase the potential for winning or getting the best settlement.

Plaintiff living expenses: help is available to alleviate the financial pressures plaintiffs may suffer because of prolonged lawsuit recovery or settlements.

Medical funding is available for the medical professionals you refer cases to on a contingency basis.

No risk: no recovery, no payback of the advance…this is not a loan. Cash is advanced based on the value of the plaintiff’s expected recovery and the advance is collected from the plaintiff’s share upon recovery.

  • Retain full control of your case.
  • Charge the interest to the case’s expenses.
  • Keep your entire fee.
  • No personal guarantees.
  • No liens on personal property.
Application: call toll free 866-WE-FUND-U or apply online. We look forward to partnering as an additional funding source for your plaintiffs, your medical professionals, and your law practice.



Thank you! Your company helped me to pay my bills and buy groceries. Your service was great and everyone that I spoke to was kind and understanding. They treated my request with the urgency that was needed. Yes, I would like to obtain another advance if available. Thank you again for your help and understanding.

Christie L. Detriot Michigan