False Imprisonment-How Our Services Can Help You

6-25-2014 3-01-40 PM

People in Prison Have Limited Resources

If you are serving time for a crime you did not commit it can be difficult for you to manage a defense that can get you out of jail and back to your life. You will not be able to earn any money to cover your legal expenses which can limit your ability to find representation. There are litigation funding companies that are willing to work with people in these circumstances so you will be able to put together a legal defense that can get you a settlement for everything you have endured.

Mounting a Private Case

You will need to handle your criminal defense separately, but you should not neglect a civil case as well. If you were wrongly imprisoned you could be entitled to compensation for that time in your life that you lost. You can invest in settlement loans to hire a separate legal team and then use the cash you receive to pay the lenders back after everything has been settled. An advance can be of great assistance with bills that may mount while you are away. This way you are not paying out of pocket to get your life back in order once you have been released.

Salvage Your Reputation

Spending time in prison damages your reputation which can make it difficult to get housing, employment or other essentials. If you have lost your reputation in spite of the fact that you did not commit a crime then you deserve to get something back for your trouble. You can use a cash for settlement policy to start working with a lawyer to determine what you deserve for everything you have been through. Not only will this help you get justice, but it can make your case more public to start erasing some of the damage which has been done.

You have Other Expenses to Worry About

If you spent years in prison then you need to focus on getting your life back on track before you can start thinking about your expenses. Instead of trying to find a way to hire a lawyer out of pocket, see if you can get litigation financing instead. When you are incarcerated it is difficult to provide for your family. Standard bills, such as rent, electric, grocery and other daily expenses may fall by the wayside if you were the sole provider for your household. In this unfortunate circumstance, you are no longer able to generate income. Call today to discuss your case details to find out how we can help you maintain your household expenses, while you await the conclusion of the legal affairs.