Johnson & Johnson

7-29-2014 4-22-06 PM

Vaginal Mesh Inserts are Dangerous

It has been known for some time that the vaginal mesh produced by Johnson and Johnson causes complications after it is surgically inserted. This device is designed to provide support for those that have damage to the bladder or surrounding tissues. The problem is these mesh liners do not tend to stay in place the way they should, rubbing against surrounding tissues and eroding the organs and muscular structure. This can be very painful and cause a great deal of injury. There are several taking out personal injury loans as an attempt to seek compensation for these issues.

The Results are Very Dangerous

The damage that a vaginal mesh insert can cause is astounding. Some have had to have well over a dozen extra surgeries to remove the scar tissue and pieces of the mesh causing infection or severe pain in individuals. This can make it very hard for these people to lead a normal life and is very expensive to try to manage. The long term effects of dealing with a faulty vaginal mesh could never fully disappear. A lawsuit loan can help you get the tools you need to make these companies answer for the damage they have caused so many.

Johnson & Johnson Knew the Dangers

While they have tried to say that the inserts are perfectly safe, Johnson & Johnson has had access to the research which revealed that the mesh inserts they produced had a tendency to cause complications. In spite of this information the company continued to produce the inserts without alterations and sell them to the public. They did not inform doctors of these risks and caused countless individuals to experience injury as a result. Personal injury loan firms are encouraging anyone who was hurt as a result of this negligence to come forward to force this company to change their unethical ways.

You have a Lot on Your Mind

If you are dealing with the physical damage from a vaginal mesh insert, then you are likely in a lot of pain and have several medical procedures ahead of you to try to reverse the damage. With all of this going on you might not have the strength or the energy to try to deal with a lawsuit as well. A legal funding company can help take charge of some of these other responsibilities so you can focus on getting well instead of managing your legal bills.