Stryker Hip Replacement & Product Liability Matters

6-13-2014 1-49-40 PM

Class Action Lawsuits

There have been dozens of class action lawsuits filed against Stryker because of their faulty hip joints. People that have undergone hip replacements have dealt with a lot of uncomfortable side effects that are painful and can be dangerous. To make matters worse these hips have been known to fail, which means you will have to get your hip replaced all over again to deal with the discomfort. If you do not have the money on hand it can be difficult to manage the side effects this can cause. Applying for a lawsuit cash advance will help you get going on a class action lawsuit which will help you get reimbursement.

Going Out on Your Own

If there is not a class action lawsuit going on near you this does not mean you cannot get compensation from Stryker for your faulty hip replacement. Signing up for a cash for settlement program will help you get the money you need to hire the representation you need to go up against such a big company. You will need to have a lawyer that is not afraid to go up against corporate lawyers to make sure you get what you deserve.

Get Financing to Keep Your Case Going

Companies like Stryker like to drag their heels in hopes that you will run out of money before your case is settled. This lets them offer lower settlements to get out of paying what they deserve for your trouble. This is why companies that offer litigation funding try to be very open and forthcoming with their clients, providing you the tools that you need to keep your case going so you do not need to give up your case just because the corporation is going to try to outspend you in the courtroom.

Don’t Forget About Damages

When you are dealing with a malpractice case people tend to focus on the obvious costs. You should be compensated for the cost of having additional medical treatment, but you are also eligible for damages that you have suffered since your faulty hip caused the damage. A legal finance team will help you get the compensation you deserve for the pain and suffering that stemmed from the original incident or the wages you have missed out on trying to wait for your hip to heal. A larger settlement will also help you make up for additional expenses that might come up later.