A Woman Saved from Insurance Exploitation Wins $3.1 Million Jury Verdict


Teresa Gamage was driving her car in Beverly Hills last May 10, 2011, and had it stopped as she saw a red light coming. However, the car running in a low speed behind Gamage was not able to see the red light resulting in a slight collision. Teresa had to be delivered straight into the nearest hospital as she was experiencing a severe and tremendous backache.

In the hospital, she immediately had an MRI, it was seen that the lower disks of her spine were extremely damaged. She had numerous sessions of physical therapy and epidural injections. Despite of the treatments, the pain remains and she needed to get a surgery.

After the surgery, various recovery methods were proposed to her; however, she and her family don’t have enough financial funds to attend to all these post treatments. Thus, she never received any form of treatment after the surgery.

Her insurance company was trying to give her a small and very low amount bill of $87,000. Although this could help, it was so little to even cover up at least 10% of her overall hospital bills and other related expenses. The insurance company clearly exploits her given her condition. However, through a series of court trials, Gamage was able to get $3.1 Million Jury Verdict with the help of her lawyers.


Insurance Companies Providing Low-Ball Offers


These insurance companies aggravate the respective conditions of their clients like Teresa Gamage. Even though insurance companies offer options, which can help her in attending to hernecessities, these funds are not sufficient in order for Gamage to take care ofherhospital bills and daily expenses. Due to these reasons, Gamage could havea hard time providing food for herself as well as her family, buying theday-to-day necessities and paying different bills that include her hospital expenditures.


Lawsuit Loan Companies to the Rescue


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Your Win is Our Victory


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