Age Discrimination in the Workplace

7-15-2014 4-28-45 PM

Lost Your Job

With the workplace becoming more and more competitive it is increasingly common for companies to put pressure on older employees to leave. Not only will this save the company on retirement benefits or other expenses but it can make room for younger employees with less experience that the company can justify paying a lower wage. If this has happened to you, a cash for settlement policy can give you the tools you need to bring your case public and do something about it.

Missing Out on Raises or Promotions

If you were lined up for a raise or had your eye on a position you had been training for and were passed up for someone half your age that does not have the same qualifications you could have a case for discrimination. Older employees should not be passed up for opportunities simply because there is a younger employee following in their footsteps, nor should younger employees be passed for higher positions with responsibilities because of their age. If you feel that opportunities are passing you by unfairly you can talk to a lawyer about your options for taking action. Litigation financing can help you get the tools you need to take your concerns to the next level.

Replace Lost Wages

If you have been missing out on employment opportunities or you were pressured into leaving your position earlier than you had planned you could be entitled to compensation. If you have lost wages you can demand to be reimbursed as a way to make up for the way you were treated. Some employees may also be entitled to damages based on the concerns they have raised about the way they left their position. Companies that offer litigation funding can help to evaluate whether or not you have a strong case and provide financing for those that they believe can be reimbursed for their trouble.

Changing Policy

One of the most important parts of taking on a case against your employer is to help prevent these actions from happening again. You may not be able to get your job back or would not like to return to work after the atmosphere has been spoiled, but if you take settlement loans and demand reimbursement for losing your job you could help to ensure that someone else your age is not pushed out of their job unfairly. It can also show that you stand up for yourself so your next employer will not try something similar.