Dog Bite

6-30-2014 4-04-46 PM

Dog Bites are Dangerous

If you have been bitten by a dog there are a few things you are going to need to consider. These bites tend to be jagged which means you will likely need stitches to repair the damage. There is also a good chance that you will need additional medical treatment to help manage the after effects of a bite. If the dog in question was not up to date on its shots or you are unfamiliar with the person who owns the dog you may need to get shots or antibiotics to prevent an infection that could affect your entire immune system. Personal injury loans are specifically designed to address these kinds of circumstances.

Plaintiffs could Drag their Feet

Dog bite incidents are typically covered under a person’s homeowner’s insurance if they had the foresight to include their pet on their policy. If they are waiting around for the insurance company to file their claim it could mean that you are waiting around for your settlement to come in. If you have bills that you need to pay this can seem like more of a punishment on your end. You can use a lawsuit loan to make up the difference so that you are not stuck going into debt because someone else was irresponsible.

Some Dogs are Known for Trouble

Whether it’s a neighborhood dog that is known to be poorly behaved or it’s a breed that is known to be excessively aggressive there are some dogs that just need to be avoided. If you were put in harm’s way because someone else did not think to get a more responsible pet then you should not have to pay for the aftermath. Use a lawsuit advance to get the money you need to deal with the situation properly.

Keep others Safe

If you do not file a dog bite incident then the owners may not be held accountable for the problem. You do not want another person or a child to get hurt because this dog acts aggressively a second time. If you want a dog removed from your neighborhood or its owners to take better care to keep the dog away from others, you can use a personal injury loan to bring these individuals to court. This way the justice system can follow up on the incident and make sure that the owners comply with all safety regulations.