How Lawsuit Loan Companies Help a Wrongfully Convicted Person


There was once a man in New York who was convicted for committing a murder concerning a rabbi because of wrong testimonies from witnesses who claimed to have witnessed or seen him pulling away from the scene of the crime. He spent 16 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. He filed for an unjust conviction lawsuit against the City of New York and won a 10 million settlement case, as he was later exonerated.


Such stories are common in today’s time, where people who are unjustly convicted spend time in jail. Filing a case can be very expensive for a man who does not have any source of income. Further, this will grossly affect the case, as defense lawyers may ask huge funds to support the case. It is also a fact that a man who has been wrongfully convicted does not have the means to pursue a case and that this may prove to be an injustice for him.


How Lawsuit Funding Companies help a Wrongfully Convicted Person


This need not be the case as he can seek the best financial solutions for him through a litigation loans scheme. Lawsuit funding companies like 911 Lawsuit Loans LLC may process this. This funding company is a big help to wrongfully convicted plaintiffs as they can give a lawsuit loan to the victim to be able to cope with the financial burden of pursuing a case. These litigation loans can help with daily needs and for the support of the case. The client is under no obligation to pay the money back. The non-recourse funding companies give the plaintiff support and is not obligated to pay should the case is not won.


The money given as a lawsuit loan can help the plaintiff get back on its feet as he or she is being streamlined into the society. This may be used for his or her daily upkeep, to support family, to pay for mortgages and generally to have a decent living. Our company believes that every man must live with dignity as he or she is pursuing a case.


How Funding Helped Hundreds of People


The company 911 Lawsuit Loans LLC is just one of the companies who see the value of a case and is willing to fight for the rights of wrongly accused men and women. The effective and efficient staff is willing to help you with the case, process your papers and help clarify your cause together with your lawyer. The company is committed to see the case through and to make sure that the litigation funding is made available as soon as the case has been found to have very strong merit. The company can process the papers quickly so that the necessary help is given to the plaintiff the soonest possible time. The company is just a phone call away, and you are ensured of a service that is fitting to a person who wants to seek justice.


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