Slip and Falls

7-7-2014 3-49-05 PM

A Simple Slip can cause Serious Injury

If what you thought was a simple slip on the sidewalk resulted in serious medical consequences later then you are going to have a lot on your plate. Not only are you going to have to spend a lot of time determining the extent of the damage, but you probably have a lot of treatment you are going to need to deal with the consequences. If you have a record of a fall that is now causing you discomfort, lawsuit funding can help you deal with all of this a bit more easily.

Accident vs Negligence

When someone slips on another person’s property it’s easy to simply say that it was an accident and shrug it off, but in some cases this might not be true. If a person was not keeping up their property correctly and it resulted in someone getting hurt they should be held responsible for the damages. Don’t be willing to say it was a simple accident if someone else’s actions caused you to get hurt. You can use lawsuit loans to get what you need to cover these costs so you can manage an accident claim effectively.

Addressing Winter Ordinances

Many cities have rules about clearing snow or laying down salt in the winter to ensure that people don’t fall and get hurt. If a business did not follow this ordinance and you fell on their property then the law is on your side if you want to do something about it. A fine from the city is usually very minor and will not make the business clean up their act. You can use a lawsuit cash advance to force these individuals to act more responsibly in the future so no one else winds up getting injured on their property.

Dealing with Long-term Consequences

A fall that injured your back or caused you to break a bone could have long term implications for your health. You might find yourself dealing with chronic pain or stiffness that impacts your quality of life. After a fall it can be difficult to predict these effects so you need to be prepared to manage whatever expenses may arise. As you move forward with your treatment you can use a lawsuit advance to cover the bills until you get your settlement. This way you are not dealing with these expenses out of pocket.