Tobacco Lawsuits & Related

7-14-2014 4-13-02 PM

Secondhand Smoke is a Killer

Studies show that secondhand smoke is more dangerous than choosing to smoke or use tobacco products on your own. If you are constantly being exposed to smoke against your will and it has caused you health problems, then this is not fair. You should not be punished because someone else decided to neglect their health. If you are worried about how you are going to manage the costs of dealing with the medical bills that have stemmed from years of exposed smoke you can use a lawsuit loan to help manage these costs.

Bringing Suit against an Employer

Years ago most businesses like restaurants and factories were more than happy to allow people to smoke on the premises. In most places this has now been banned but even if you have not been exposed to smoke for years constant exposure for some time could have taken an effect on your health. If you found out that you have medical problems from smoke exposure at work years after the fact it can be hard to get a suit going. Legal funding can help you to get everything you need to prepare for the legal battles ahead.

Addressing Long-Term Effects

The diseases that are caused by smoking can take years to treat and some cannot be cured. This means you are going to have to pay medical bills for years just to keep up with the costs of dealing with this turn of events. If you are trying to juggle all of these costs it can be hard to keep up with your legal responsibilities if you are trying to stay ahead on the rest of this. Legal finance companies can offer you a financial boost that you can use to cover these costs until you can get your settlement in hand.

Dealing with Faulty Science

Tobacco companies have known for years that their products cause health problems in their users and covered this information up. If you had been smoking for years and were not aware of what you were doing to your body the courts have now decided that you are entitled to financial compensation if you have gotten sick. If you find you can be involved in a lawsuit against a tobacco company you can use lawsuit loans to cover these costs so you can manage your financial responsibilities while you take on the tobacco companies in court.