How a Pre-Settlement Loan Protects a Family’s Loss

There are life-changing experiences that might just change a family’s life completely. There was a story of a man who was laid off from work and goes out with his friends for some rounds of drink. It was past midnight when they all called it off and they all headed home. The husband got on his pick -up truck driving at 45 miles per hour. Then he met an accident. The poor wife was worried sick of her husband who has not returned her calls. Then the doorbell rings; as she opened the door, a police officer announced her worst nightmare. A reckless drunk driver killed her husband.


Losing a husband and a breadwinner is one of the most tragic experiences a family can be into. They are caught unprepared in the situation, and right into the grief- the looming financial burden is right there to be solved.


How Pre-Settlement Companies Can Help


A wrongful death due to a reckless drunk driver is a strong case and a fair settlement is ensured from the insurance company. However, it may take months for that insurance money to arrive, leaving a family bereft. There are bills to pay, mortgages to settle, daily upkeep to be spent, and there might be kids who need financial support. The wife’s salary might not be enough to meet the entire financial burden that the husband left. This is where a lawsuit funding company like 911 Lawsuit Loans can help.


The lawsuit funding might just be a lifesaver for a family whose breadwinner died. The company will assist the family from funeral, loans, mortgages, and other household expense. The funding needs to credit background investigation and employment verification. The approval of the loan is not reliant on these variables. You owe the company nothing when the case is not settled in your favor.


There is no need for your family to suffer from any financial burden while waiting for the insurance company to settle. There is no need for you to be financially drained in the process. This is not only risky, but can be emotionally stressful as well.


Pre-settlement companies are designed so that families are kept secure in the event when a loved one dies. 911 Lawsuit Loans is open for your questions and clarifications. We will aid your lawyer to speed up the process of obtaining your loan once the case is thoroughly reviewed and investigated. Feel free to contact us and our efficient staff will be ready to help you.



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