Yasmin Lawsuits

7-2-2014 3-54-59 PM

Yasmin has Gotten Bad Press for Years

While the pharmaceutical companies have changed the name on the label, the issues associated with Yasmin have not disappeared. There have been several reports that note that this contraceptive causes a variety of dangerous side effect ranging from heart defects to infertility. If you have ever used this medication you could be at risk for developing these side effects as well. If you are concerned about your health, it is worth looking into pre-settlement funding to determine how you will handle the consequences.

Some Patients were Not Warned

Yasmin was a very popular birth control method for many years. Doctors were willing to write prescriptions for this medication without much consideration until it was revealed that it caused significant side effects. If you were not warned about the potential dangers of using this medication and then you suffered side effects, then it is essential that you seek compensation for your suffering. If you are preparing a case for your compensation then you may be entitled to litigation funding that you can use to pay these legal fees. This will help you stay out of debt so can continue your case without limitations.

Dealing with Medical Expenses

If you are preparing a lawsuit because you experienced side effects from using Yasmin, then you likely have a lot of medical expenses as well. This can make it difficult to cover the cost of your medical bills when you are trying to prepare a defense. If you are having trouble making ends meet then consider how settlement loans could help. You will not need to make any payments until your case is settled, making it easy for you to keep up with your financial obligations in the meantime.

Join in the Class Action Lawsuits

There are several class action lawsuits which have been enacted all around the country because of the side effects of Yasmin. If you have been offered a place in one of these lawsuits then you will have the opportunity to make up for some of the damage you have suffered. If you do not have the cash on hand to deal with the expenses associated with this case, then you can use litigation financing to see your case through. This will give you the chance to get the compensation you are entitled to for the damages that you suffered from using this medication.