Fracking Is Controversial

7-11-2014 3-33-43 PM


There have been a lot of stories about how fracking has caused illnesses or damage to people’s land. However there have also been a lot of campaigns that claim that this practice is perfectly safe. With so much misinformation being released by fracking companies it can be difficult to get the information you need to protect yourself. In addition to protecting yourself after experiencing fracking you can use litigation financing to do the research you need to defend yourself when your day in court comes around.

The Side Effects can take Years to Appear

Fracking is a relatively new process which can make it difficult to determine whether or not you have experienced the health defects which have been connected with this process. You may feel as though your exposure to fracking did not cause a problem, but years later you could discover that you or your loved ones are very ill. You will need to determine the statute of limitations on these issues within your state to ensure that you can file for a resolution of the illnesses you obtained as a result of the fracking. Many of these issues will fall under construction negligence, but a lawyer will be able to determine your best line of defense.

You will Need to Take on the Big Oil Companies

Only major oil companies currently take part in fracking, so if you are experiencing negative effects after being exposed to this process this means you will need to fight the staff lawyers from these companies in order to get any sort of compensation. This can be very intimidating and could take a long time to work your way through. If you are worried that you will need to hire additional lawyers to manage a case against a major company you can use litigation funding to help you get an expert in the field which will be able to make the best possible case for your defense.

Big Cases take Time

Since fracking is such a hot button issue today there is a lot of drama surrounding the cases that are undertaken for this process. If you are worried that you will not be able to afford a lengthy lawsuit to get the compensation you deserve, consider how a cash for settlement program could help. This might provide you with the cash you need to see your case all the way through which will both help raise awareness about the program as well as get you the compensation you need.