Tips To Combat Nursing Home Nightmares


A place where a paying customer can expect the utmost care can be regarded as a nursing home. If an elderly person is the paying customer, then it can be said as the senior residence. Our senior citizens greatly deserve to be treated with proper care, respect, and attention. The legal system has set specific standards of care which the nursing homes must meet when they deal with senior residents. If in case, these standards are not upheld, then this could result in a lawsuit relating to nursing home accidents and abuse.


Frequently, we hear reports of nurses or caregivers who have treated their elderly residents disgracefully or have allowed such neglect from residents whom they are supposed to take care of in turn hurting them severely. In the United States, factually there are over million reports of abuse, neglect, and accidents involving senior residences or nursing homes as well as their staff. There are different cases ranging from neglect resulting in injuries or sexual abuse as well as verbal or even physical abuse.


What constitutes for neglect or abuse at nursing home?


Often, abuse comes in two different forms; intentional negligence or general neglect. When it comes to general neglect, it signifies the nursing home staff’s failure to offer an assured level of care unintentionally. This could include failing to offer the resident’s day-to-day needs such as regular feeding, proper dispensing of medicine, water and overall supervision. Signs depicting this include malnutrition, bed sores, dehydration, and ill effects due to improper treatment. This might also mean total failure to offer sufficient protection with the special requirements of its residents in mind. Say for instance, not fitting hand rails in the bathroom could cause an elderly resident to slip and fall. Some other cases include misdiagnosis or errors which could result in severe injury or wrongful death.


On the other hand, intentional abuse or negligence includes mental abuse, sexual abuse, or physical abuse. Sexual abuse mainly includes improper touching of nursing home residents, taking images of a nude resident, or forcing them to engage in sexual acts and more. Physical abuse could be manifested by the existence of burns, bruises, unexplained injuries, broken bones or sometimes even death. Mental abuse includes threats, insults or isolation from friends, family or other residents to an extreme level that it affects the mental state of the resident.


Fight against the defendant with a lawsuit


If your loved one is a victim of elderly abuse or nursing home negligence, you might have to face a considerable financial burden. For instance, treatment for the injuries and overall damage done to an elderly loved one might involve a substantial amount of money. If one intends to file a lawsuit against a nursing home or its staff, it is better to hire a lawyer to have the right guidance and to assist in winning the case. They will surely aid you in building your lawsuit case efficiently and even accurately determine the factual amount of compensation which you need to obtain (both from their knowledge and experience). Keep in mind that this sort of lawsuit stretches out not just time but even resources. Furthermore, you might need to wait numerous years before receiving the compensation or settlement.


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