Lawsuit Loans Aid Litigant with Ongoing Sexual Harassment Case


Michael Merceica was a successful sales representative with Microsoft for about 17 years. In 2009, his coworker, Tracy Rummel accused him that she found some of his actions towards her uncomfortable. Lori Aulds, Merceica’s boss, instigated an investigation because of Rummel’s allegations.


Merceica made a preemptive formal complaint against Rummel and Aulds. His complaint was that both Aulds and Rummel were spreading different malicious rumors involving him because he had put an end to his sexual relationship with his boss. Allegedly, Aulds was uncomfortable being his boss after they broke up. In 2012, Merceica quit because Aulds, Rummel as well as his other coworkers were ganging up on him.


A Tainted Reputation


The jurors for Merceica’s case studied the 20-page long legal instructions and questions. The jury ruled the case in favor of Merceica because of the fact that Rummel was personally liable for injuring his reputation when she made the sexual harassment complaint against him.


It is a common fact that a person’s reputation is very important. This is why each person works very hard to keep his or her reputation clean and free from any controversy. In Merceica’s case, hateful rumors tarnished his reputation, which led him to resign from his post. The jury knew that Rummel’s complaint was false and that she acted with malice towards Merceica. As a result, the defendant was awarded with a total sum of $11.6 million for punitive damages, back wages as well as mental anguish.


Importance of Lawsuit Loans


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Providing You with Lawsuit Loans Assistance


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