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Factors To Consider Prior To Accepting A Settlement Offer

Before accepting any offers, it’s quite better that you consult your doctor first and then move ahead. This is particularly true in case if you are in the hospital and recovering from injuries. Accepting the settlement offer at the early stage of the process is not recommended because the future and its expenses are unpredictable as you progress in the recovery process from injuries.


Now, you could even reject the settlement offer. Then a lawsuit case could be filed in court.


  • Discovery – At this particular point, the appointed judge would thoroughly review the merits of your case and would look at evidence and facts produced, including police reports, witness accounts of the accident, pictures and statements given by experts, and doctor’s reports.
  • Mediation/Arbitration – The counsel might try to resolve the dispute prior to your case reaching court. The judge would try to get both the other party as well as you to get into a fair settlement that is acceptable to both.
  • Trial – After all attempts toward getting both parties to come to a cordial resolution fail, then the case would go to trial to heard by the judge and in some cases, a jury. The jury and judge will carefully listen to both parties and decide on whether to award injuries and if so, how much must be awarded.
  • Appeal – In case, if the results of the case trial are not satisfactory to any one party, (that is if there are any claims that the case was judged unfairly) that party might file a re-appeal.
  • Settlement – If the appeal is decided upon and that too in your favor, then the process of settlement can begin.

If you are the only one earning a living at home and have a number of dependents, it becomes quite difficult to manage all of the expenses and basic necessities of your home and children. So, in order to overcome all these issues, it’s better to agree for the settlement amount only if you feel that compensation amount is acceptable for your situation.


911lawsuitloans.com is aimed towards helping the people who have gotten stuck in such problems. They can ease their way out of the problem without any kind of tension. The lawsuit funding amount provided by 911lawsuitloans.com helps the victim to overcome the situation. After verification process, if the team of 911lawsuitloans.com feels that you are eligible for funding, they will provide you the amount within 24 hours. On our website take a deep look into our FAQ section to gain a better understanding of lawsuit funding. For further information, you can call us, we are available 24/7. With lawsuit funding you can have lots of financial benefits. It assists you with the needed financial aid while your lawsuit case is not yet settled or still being discussed at court. Make use of this amazing facility to have all the benefits and hire a talented lawyer to win the case.


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Michael Smith is the Customer Experience Director at 911 Lawsuit Loans LLC and is responsible for client relations throughout the funding.
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Tips To Get Help From Lawsuit Funding

You must hire a lawyer who will help you file your case and also help to you get the best possible compensation amount for the following aspects:


  • The medical expenses for the treatment of injuries should include both current and future medical charges
  • The over expense for the treatment should be included in the case
  • The entirety of expenses for physical therapy
  • Loss of income during this period
  • Compensation amount should cover pain and as well as suffering


If you get a fair and acceptable settlement offer from the defendant, it’s better advised to take the advice of your lawyer by considering his or her suggested settlement amount. If you really want to fight for the same compensation amount at court, it is waste of time and as it is a time consuming process. In a case when the insurance company delays the process, then it’s better to go for filing a lawsuit. Though the insurance company has money, they use a majority of the issues to elongate and delay the matter. They try to hold out on the matter until or unless they are legally obligated to pay you.


When you are filing the lawsuit or when waiting for the case to get settled, you will be in need of financial support. The attorney whom you have hired for your case can’t help you by providing you with a loan and this is restricted by law as well. This creates a sort of creditor and debtor relationship between yourself and your attorney. Lawsuit funding is the better solution for this situation. Many people confuse lawsuit funding with that of a lawsuit loan, both are quite different. This is a type of funding amount that provides you money based on your case and not depending upon your credit or employment.


We the people of 911lawsuitloans.com provide you with pre-settlement funding for dog bites, personal injuries and other such attacks. We just have a quite simple application process which doesn’t require a lot of paperwork and stress. You just need to contact us and explain the details of the case. After that, we work together with your lawyer for the evaluation process of lawsuit funding. Once we feel that you are eligible for the lawsuit funding amount, all that you need to do is sign papers along with your lawyer and receive the benefit of the lawsuit funding amount.


911lawsuitloans.com aids people in getting the assistance that lawsuit funding for injured victims provides within the limits of United States. We only offer lawsuit funding and not any other sort like lawyer funding, life insurance funding, or structured settlement funding. We have created our entire program by always keeping in mind the perspective and welfare of the people. Now you do not need to worry about finances until you are recovered or your case gets completely settled, you can sit and relax and focus on healing.


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About the author
Michael Smith is the Customer Experience Director at 911 Lawsuit Loans LLC and is responsible for client relations throughout the funding.
Author: Mike Smith


A Pre-Settlement Loan Allows you to Keep Your Home

The concept of a pre-settlement loan is difficult to understand for most plaintiffs because this is a language that those who understand the law are more competent to explain. The simplest response to this factis this. It is keeping people, most especially those who are physically hurt where they have to be- in their homes.


Being in a case involving a work related injury case or a physical injury case is difficult for many people. They are unable to work, have to cover mounting hospital bills, and they need to go to rehabilitation for treatments. This is only the physical side of the issue. The emotional, psychological, and financial stress of an ongoing case, plus the fact that there is no money coming in for every expense is indeed a very stressful experience.


The Benefits of a Pre-Settlement Funding


911 Lawsuit Loans idea and policy onthis funding is linked to the comfort of the plaintiff. The money is used for them exactly to stay at home and concentrate on being well. This takes off the pressure of feeding their families, apartment payments, paying for a mortgage, settling of legal fees, as well as hospital treatment expense.


The plaintiff need not enter into a forbearance agreement with mortgage companies to suspend payments for a specified period of time, until such that the person is able to pay. The loan allows the plaintiff options on how to pay out a mortgage without sacrificing the safety of his family.


The lawsuit loan also takes off the pressure from paying tenants for those living in apartment buildings and condominiums. Tenants expect monthly payment to be delivered on time; otherwise, the plaintiff is given an eviction notice. The money is used to pay off rent and an eviction need not be a threat.


The Years of Waiting Need not be in Vain


It may take years for a personal injury that is work related to be resolved. This should not be a cause for worry for plaintiffs who are pursuing a case. Pre-settlement funding companies will not just have the proper resource to ensure that there is roof over your head; they make sure that you have the money to wait it out until the case is settled. Our company is ready to process and hear your case, confer with your lawyers, and give you advice on matters pertaining to the case.


911 Lawsuit Loans is always open to serve you and our competent staff will make sure all your needs are taken care of. Once the case is reviewed and the merits are strong, we will ensure the speedy processing of papers. This allows you to get your loan in less than a week. The loan will be available for a couple of days. If you have been hurt, talk to your lawyer and call us today at 1-866-933-8638 / 1-866-WE-FUND-U.


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About the author
Michael Smith is the Customer Experience Director at 911 Lawsuit Loans LLC and is responsible for client relations throughout the funding.
Author:Mike Smith


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The Attorneys And The Law Firms

The interest of the attorneys in the legal funding case for the consumers or the clients may sometimes seem to be complicated. On the other hand, how important a legal life line funding can very much helpful to a consumer. By increasing the values of the claim, it helps both the litigant and the attorney. Even the attorneys are aware of the situation that, their clients will be very much in need for the money and as such they are ready to pay for the taxes instead of waiting for the complete case hearings.


In the Name of Consumer Protection


On the contrary, there are number of attorneys who doesn’t like about legal funding. The main reason why some of the attorneys don’t like about legal funding is it requires lots of hard work to be done. Before the clients gets their fund amount they need to speak with the legal funding companies and answer to all the question of the legal funding companies and provide all the necessary documents which consumes more amount of time. When the case settles their clients ends up with small amount of money once after the legal funding company is paid for them. Though most of the clients receives amount from funder but they forget about the amount provided by the legal funding company and they take consider only the amount that they get at the time of settlement.


The legal funding plays a central role in majority of the attorneys practice. And 911 Lawsuit Loans is a leader in the lawsuit funding industry.  The American bar association and other state bar association have stayed in the fight regarding legal funding and those usury companies.


Stay The Fight


Attorneys are mainly there for the work which is related to litigant injury and accident case and not for any sort of other legal matters which includes guiding the litigants through the process of legal funding agreement. Some of the attorneys, they directly doesn’t advise the clients about the transactions that need to done because majority of the attorneys finds the transaction to be very time consuming and certain time they also worry about their part of liability. But still the attorney’s takes active participation and expand their duties and helps the clients too clearly about the rules and regulations about the legal funding companies and to provide best out of it for the clients.


How 911 Lawsuit Loans can Help You When You Really Need Us


The concept of consumer legal funding is one and only type of the consumer financial transaction wherein each and every individual seeking financial help is already represented by the attorney. 911 Lawsuit Loans knows that those suffering injury and then cash problems rarely have any alternatives, so that’s why we help you.Hiring of attorneys has positive effect on the consumers as the attorneys thoroughly go through every instruction of the lawsuit before the transaction is completed. If the attorneys wish they can even play a greater substantial role.


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About the author
Michael Smith is the Customer Experience Director at 911 Lawsuit Loans LLC and is responsible for client relations throughout the funding.
Author:Mike Smith



Lawsuit Funding For Maritime Accident

Maritime law is made up of two parts: the Jones Act and the Harbor Workers Compensation Act. These acts have been dedicated to both sailors and workers who are engaged at sea. Maritime law helps in regulation of water transportation, offshore trading and employment at sea. When any person is injured in a maritime accident due to negligence of the other person or company then the injured person or damaged company have the right to seek compensation for their injuries.


Maritime law is also recognized as admiralty law. It is mainly geared towards providing good working conditions at sea to sailors and workers. The Jones Act was written to protect employees at sea and mandate that companies offer good working conditions to their employees at sea. Although each case differs with each other, when someone is injured at sea then he will contact a maritime lawyer who handles injuries incurred at sea instead of a worker’s compensation lawyer. The reason behind their choice is that Maritime law is highly special and needs an experienced injury attorney to handle such cases of injury at sea.


On one hand 911 Lawsuit Loans provides worker’s compensation lawsuit funding, we also offer Maritime lawsuit funding. This kind of funding can assist a marine employee to get speedy cash out of their potential settlement. Due to the complexities of these cases lawsuit funding can help to pay essential expenses and assist to keep a marine injury case open while your attorney fights for recovering full compensation.


When victims of personal injury cases take the help of lawsuit funding they typically need money due to:

  • Loss of income and job
  • Medical treatment expenses
  • Ongoing medical expenditures like physical therapy
  • Living expenses
  • Payments of mortgage, rent and car


If you have got injured in a maritime accident then we suggest the following:

  • Seek medical treatment immediately
  • Write down how the accident occurred and why
  • Preserve all medical records
  • Take photographs of both your injuries and the scene of the site of the marine accident
  • Preserve a copy of the incident report
  • Note down the names and numbers of all witnesses
  • Contact an experienced and reputed Maritime lawyer


If you urgently need cash then you can apply online at 911 Lawsuit Loans.


911 Lawsuit Loans is an online legal funding company that provides options for lawsuit advance loans. We know the significance of lawsuit funding for those persons who are running in bad credit due to an accident. 911 Lawsuit Loans works in coordination with a network of lawsuit financing companies that offer legal suit funding for all personal injury concerning accidents including Maritime accidents.


911 Lawsuit Loans can assist you in securing a pre settlement cash advance just before settling of your Maritime injury case. Our services of lawsuit funding will assist you in comparison of lawsuit funding rates and payment structure in our legal funding network. We serve our clients along with some reputed providers of lawsuit financing within the industry. Each funding company is ready to compete for your lawsuit finance.


If you are trying to get a personal injury lawsuit financing for a maritime accident then you can begin by applying online today at 911 Lawsuit Loans. After receiving your information we immediately forward it to those lenders who specially handle lawsuit funding of maritime accidents. Moreover if you have lost a loved one’s due to a Maritime accident then kindly visit our webpage of wrongful death lawsuit funding for getting complete guidance.


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About the author
Michael Smith is the Customer Experience Director at 911 Lawsuit Loans LLC and is responsible for client relations throughout the funding.
Author:Mike Smith