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Funding For Slip And Falls and Tips To Prove Your Liability

Mentioned below are some questions that help to prove your liability:


  • Does the owner of the property regularly maintain the property? Are there any sort of records for regular maintenance of the property? Does the owner of the property have someone assigned to maintaining the property?
  • For how long has the owner of the building or the employees known about dangerous places in the building that are very much responsible for accidents?
  • Is there any specific reason for placing a certain object in a precise place? If necessary, are there any other alternative methods to placing the objects? Is there any way to place the objects in a safer place so that it doesn’t harm the public?
  • If the object is placed in a specific place due to a certain reason but now that reason doesn’t exist anymore, shouldn’t that object be removed or it could have been removed?
  •  Was the lighting of the place dull or was it malfunctioning when the incident happened?


As we all know, lawsuits that provide claim for accidents and slip and falls are quite hard, complicated and time consuming as well. At those times you may need financial funding and support until you recover from injuries and while you are waiting for your lawsuit to be settled. There are a number of pre-settlement funding companies that are ready to  help at all times of need.


Lawsuit case funding is a quite necessary option and is offered to a wide range of people who are very much in need of funding but do not want to settle for a lesser amount than your case deserves. If the deserved settlement funding is not provided by the insurance company, then your attorney can file suit against the opposite party. Getting your case solved in the court is not an easy task, it requires a lot of  time and patience. So it’s you who needs to decide whether to settle by taking the offered amount or wait until your lawsuit case gets settled to receive the proper amount of compensation for your injuries and sufferings.


911 Lawsuit Loans will help you to get the pre-settlement funding amount that you need. We have designed our process of releasing funds to the necessary ones as quickly as possible. All that we need to do is, consult your attorney and decide whether you are eligible for funding or not. Another important factor to remember is lawsuit funding is not a loan. The process of lawsuit funding is completely based on your case not on your employment status, personal records or credit score.


In addition to slips and falls, we provide funding for motor vehicle accidents, defective products, accidents at the construction place, medical malpractice and more. You can contact us 24/7 and our lawsuit funding specialists will provide you with the best possible service.


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Michael Smith is the Customer Experience Director at 911 Lawsuit Loans LLC and is responsible for client relations throughout the funding.
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The Need For Lawsuit Funding

If you have been injured due to a car accident, make sure you get a reliable and talented lawyer. Your lawyer will seek to build a strong case and will work hard to get the compensation in which you truly deserve. Your attorney will gather essential information and evidence to show that the other party is responsible for your damages and personal injuries.


Some vital information that needs to be collected includes;

  • Police reports
  • Photos of the cars as well as the scene of the accident
  • Statements from witnesses
  • Traffic rules- This could be utilized as the strong basis or proof that the other car was speeding, driving under the influence, disregarding traffic laws, driving while intoxicated, tailgating, or any such other traffic violation.
  • The doctor’s report regarding your condition following the incident as well as the level of medication which you would require to recover from the injuries caused due to accident

Significant things to remember

  • Don’t get into the settlement with the liable party without consulting an attorney. The other party will try to settle for a smaller amount.
  • Do not agree to sign anything for the liable party without asking your attorney about it first.
  • Know your rights well. Be aware of the facts on how personal injury liability car insurance can work.
  • Have reasonable expectations. Remember a minor car accident might not yield you with a seven-digit compensation settlement. Also, an accident must not be utilized as the reason not to go back to work, if you are capable to go.


Your lawsuit, as well as lawsuit funding lawsuits that cover car accidents may take an extended amount of time to settle. It could take several months or even years. While you are waiting, you might need to  pay for medical bills, rehabilitation and therapy, as well as other monthly bills. In some cases, if your injuries are severe enough, then you might lose some of your wages, or sometimes you might even lose your job. How would you and your family survive while the case is being argued and ultimately settled?


911 Lawsuit Loans might aid in getting you the lawsuit funding which you need so that you need do not have to make the tough decision of hurdling into a quick settlement simply to get by. We would look into your injury case to evaluate if you are eligible for getting pre-settlement funding. If you are eligible, we can get you the desirable money within 24 hours.


What we are talking about is called as lawsuit settlement funding. Keep in mind, this is neither a cash advance nor a lawsuit loan. This is actually a funding which is offered based on the merits of your injury case. The amount (which could be paid as lump sum or in the form of monthly disbursements) would help you continue with your day-to-day life even while your case is being settled.


911 Lawsuit Loans offers lawsuit funding for cases like accidents caused due to a distracted or drunk driver, accidents that are caused by a defective car, and accidents involving motorcycles, trucks or commercial vehicles. We also assist you if you are hurt as a pedestrian.


If you have been a victim of car accident, and if you desire to benefit from this amazing lawsuit funding facility, then we are here to facilitate you. Give us a call and our lawsuit funding experts will help you.

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About the author
Michael Smith is the Customer Experience Director at 911 Lawsuit Loans LLC and is responsible for client relations throughout the funding.
Author: Mike Smith

Construction accident

Reasons For Accidents At Construction Sites

Safety is the most important basic rule at construction sites. The safety of workers is the first and foremost importance at every construction zone. Accidents are so common that it usually calls for  celebration when a site stays accident free for a certain period of time. Staying careful and conscious at the work place can prevent unnecessary things from happening. Even though all sorts of precautionary measures are taken, accidents still take place at construction areas.


In fact, construction sites are more prone to accidents. There are certain stages in construction areas where men at the workplace can fall from a substantial height; heavy things may fall on them. These are only a few examples but there are still a number of things that can happen and lead to accidents at a construction place even when all sorts of precautions are taken. Even though a career in construction is a great job to have, it is hazardous as well.


Most of the construction company owners are responsible for assuring the safety of the workers at the construction site. As such, the labor law of New York specifies that the keen responsibility of the general contractors is to provide a safer working environment for employees. Any worker who gets injured has every right to claim for compensation. If the owner of the company and the employee who has been severely injured do not come to a proper settlement, the victim employee can bring the case to the court jurisdiction.


Though there is provision for employee compensation, the amount that the employee receives may not be sufficient to maintain his family’s cost of living and his medical expenses. In such cases, the victim patient can go in plea of the court for their help.


Here mentioned are some areas in which construction accidents can easily occur despite the precautionary measures taken:


  • Slip and fall from height i.e. when a worker loses his balance while walking on the edge of an unfinished building structure
  • Getting injured by tools at the construction site
  • Accidents in the case of defective equipment such as cranes, bulldozers and other heavy machinery
  • Contact with hazardous chemicals
  • Faulty wiring

The laws regarding construction companies states that the owner of the company is responsible in the following cases:


  • When accidents take place at the time of repair of the company
  • Accident caused due to usage of construction tools such as ladders, blocks, pulleys and other devices
  • Accidents caused by improper installation of the equipment and also through use of the equipment that affects the safety of the workers (Victim employees can also claim when they are not supplied with proper protective tools that ensure the safety of the employee)
  • Amount can be in accidents that are related to falling from high place or when heavy object falls on employee when working.

Another important factor that requires significant attention is that, not only can the construction workers get injured at the construction site, the bystanders can even get hurt. In such cases, an injured bystander can claim for compensation.


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About the author
Michael Smith is the Customer Experience Director at 911 Lawsuit Loans LLC and is responsible for client relations throughout the funding.
Author: Mike Smith


Factors To Consider Prior To Accepting A Settlement Offer

Before accepting any offers, it’s quite better that you consult your doctor first and then move ahead. This is particularly true in case if you are in the hospital and recovering from injuries. Accepting the settlement offer at the early stage of the process is not recommended because the future and its expenses are unpredictable as you progress in the recovery process from injuries.


Now, you could even reject the settlement offer. Then a lawsuit case could be filed in court.


  • Discovery – At this particular point, the appointed judge would thoroughly review the merits of your case and would look at evidence and facts produced, including police reports, witness accounts of the accident, pictures and statements given by experts, and doctor’s reports.
  • Mediation/Arbitration – The counsel might try to resolve the dispute prior to your case reaching court. The judge would try to get both the other party as well as you to get into a fair settlement that is acceptable to both.
  • Trial – After all attempts toward getting both parties to come to a cordial resolution fail, then the case would go to trial to heard by the judge and in some cases, a jury. The jury and judge will carefully listen to both parties and decide on whether to award injuries and if so, how much must be awarded.
  • Appeal – In case, if the results of the case trial are not satisfactory to any one party, (that is if there are any claims that the case was judged unfairly) that party might file a re-appeal.
  • Settlement – If the appeal is decided upon and that too in your favor, then the process of settlement can begin.

If you are the only one earning a living at home and have a number of dependents, it becomes quite difficult to manage all of the expenses and basic necessities of your home and children. So, in order to overcome all these issues, it’s better to agree for the settlement amount only if you feel that compensation amount is acceptable for your situation. is aimed towards helping the people who have gotten stuck in such problems. They can ease their way out of the problem without any kind of tension. The lawsuit funding amount provided by helps the victim to overcome the situation. After verification process, if the team of feels that you are eligible for funding, they will provide you the amount within 24 hours. On our website take a deep look into our FAQ section to gain a better understanding of lawsuit funding. For further information, you can call us, we are available 24/7. With lawsuit funding you can have lots of financial benefits. It assists you with the needed financial aid while your lawsuit case is not yet settled or still being discussed at court. Make use of this amazing facility to have all the benefits and hire a talented lawyer to win the case.


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Michael Smith is the Customer Experience Director at 911 Lawsuit Loans LLC and is responsible for client relations throughout the funding.
Author: Mike Smith


Tips To Get Help From Lawsuit Funding

You must hire a lawyer who will help you file your case and also help to you get the best possible compensation amount for the following aspects:


  • The medical expenses for the treatment of injuries should include both current and future medical charges
  • The over expense for the treatment should be included in the case
  • The entirety of expenses for physical therapy
  • Loss of income during this period
  • Compensation amount should cover pain and as well as suffering


If you get a fair and acceptable settlement offer from the defendant, it’s better advised to take the advice of your lawyer by considering his or her suggested settlement amount. If you really want to fight for the same compensation amount at court, it is waste of time and as it is a time consuming process. In a case when the insurance company delays the process, then it’s better to go for filing a lawsuit. Though the insurance company has money, they use a majority of the issues to elongate and delay the matter. They try to hold out on the matter until or unless they are legally obligated to pay you.


When you are filing the lawsuit or when waiting for the case to get settled, you will be in need of financial support. The attorney whom you have hired for your case can’t help you by providing you with a loan and this is restricted by law as well. This creates a sort of creditor and debtor relationship between yourself and your attorney. Lawsuit funding is the better solution for this situation. Many people confuse lawsuit funding with that of a lawsuit loan, both are quite different. This is a type of funding amount that provides you money based on your case and not depending upon your credit or employment.


We the people of provide you with pre-settlement funding for dog bites, personal injuries and other such attacks. We just have a quite simple application process which doesn’t require a lot of paperwork and stress. You just need to contact us and explain the details of the case. After that, we work together with your lawyer for the evaluation process of lawsuit funding. Once we feel that you are eligible for the lawsuit funding amount, all that you need to do is sign papers along with your lawyer and receive the benefit of the lawsuit funding amount. aids people in getting the assistance that lawsuit funding for injured victims provides within the limits of United States. We only offer lawsuit funding and not any other sort like lawyer funding, life insurance funding, or structured settlement funding. We have created our entire program by always keeping in mind the perspective and welfare of the people. Now you do not need to worry about finances until you are recovered or your case gets completely settled, you can sit and relax and focus on healing.


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Michael Smith is the Customer Experience Director at 911 Lawsuit Loans LLC and is responsible for client relations throughout the funding.
Author: Mike Smith


Tips To Combat Nursing Home Nightmares

A place where a paying customer can expect the utmost care can be regarded as a nursing home. If an elderly person is the paying customer, then it can be said as the senior residence. Our senior citizens greatly deserve to be treated with proper care, respect, and attention. The legal system has set specific standards of care which the nursing homes must meet when they deal with senior residents. If in case, these standards are not upheld, then this could result in a lawsuit relating to nursing home accidents and abuse.


Frequently, we hear reports of nurses or caregivers who have treated their elderly residents disgracefully or have allowed such neglect from residents whom they are supposed to take care of in turn hurting them severely. In the United States, factually there are over million reports of abuse, neglect, and accidents involving senior residences or nursing homes as well as their staff. There are different cases ranging from neglect resulting in injuries or sexual abuse as well as verbal or even physical abuse.


What constitutes for neglect or abuse at nursing home?


Often, abuse comes in two different forms; intentional negligence or general neglect. When it comes to general neglect, it signifies the nursing home staff’s failure to offer an assured level of care unintentionally. This could include failing to offer the resident’s day-to-day needs such as regular feeding, proper dispensing of medicine, water and overall supervision. Signs depicting this include malnutrition, bed sores, dehydration, and ill effects due to improper treatment. This might also mean total failure to offer sufficient protection with the special requirements of its residents in mind. Say for instance, not fitting hand rails in the bathroom could cause an elderly resident to slip and fall. Some other cases include misdiagnosis or errors which could result in severe injury or wrongful death.


On the other hand, intentional abuse or negligence includes mental abuse, sexual abuse, or physical abuse. Sexual abuse mainly includes improper touching of nursing home residents, taking images of a nude resident, or forcing them to engage in sexual acts and more. Physical abuse could be manifested by the existence of burns, bruises, unexplained injuries, broken bones or sometimes even death. Mental abuse includes threats, insults or isolation from friends, family or other residents to an extreme level that it affects the mental state of the resident.


Fight against the defendant with a lawsuit


If your loved one is a victim of elderly abuse or nursing home negligence, you might have to face a considerable financial burden. For instance, treatment for the injuries and overall damage done to an elderly loved one might involve a substantial amount of money. If one intends to file a lawsuit against a nursing home or its staff, it is better to hire a lawyer to have the right guidance and to assist in winning the case. They will surely aid you in building your lawsuit case efficiently and even accurately determine the factual amount of compensation which you need to obtain (both from their knowledge and experience). Keep in mind that this sort of lawsuit stretches out not just time but even resources. Furthermore, you might need to wait numerous years before receiving the compensation or settlement.


911 Lawsuit Loans provides great assistance can offer you essential lawsuit funding for your dear one’s requirements while you are waiting for the lawsuit results. Lawsuit funding is factually a great way for you to have the essential amount to tide your loved one over throughout the time the lawsuit is being argued, settled or decided upon. Remember, that this is not at all a lawsuit loan. A lawsuit loan is something that you must return, regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit. But, lawsuit funding offers you the money and just in case your lawsuit does not settle, you would not be forced to return the money in which you’ve received. simply delivers what its name assures – “your lawsuit money”. You can attain your pre-settlement funding in as quickly as 24 hours with its amazing streamlined evaluation procedure.


With lawsuit funding, you can continue with your combat against abusive nursing home accidents or abuse and their staff without needing to worry about the rising bills. If you are having any queries related to lawsuit funding, make sure to give us a call and we will be  there to aid you. We offer lawsuit settlement funding particularly for lawsuits covering nursing homes, and even medical malpractice, defective products and car accidents.


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Michael Smith is the Customer Experience Director at 911 Lawsuit Loans LLC and is responsible for client relations throughout the funding.
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Lawsuit Cases Related To Automobile Accidents

Car accidents tend to occur so fast and it can be the terrible reason that your entire life changes instantly. An automobile mishap lawsuit case might take from a few months to several years to get resolved. Meanwhile, you might perhaps be left without an income or job for that period of time. Furthermore, you might have concern regarding the medical bills which you now need to pay due to injuries caused by the accident. It could be highly difficult to pay all of your medical bills as well as other essential bills such as your mortgage and car loans without a job. Thus, you might start to face a lot of stress, upset about potentially losing your home, having no transportation or food and more. While you are waiting for your accident lawsuit to be settled and to receive the settlement compensation, you can get the financial aid you need before it’s too late by applying for legal funding. 911lawsuitloans can aid in getting you the financial funding that you need. The following lists the most common automobile accident types:

  • Multi-car crash
  • Rear-end crash
  • Head-on collision
  • Passenger injury
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Side-impact collision

Reasons for the Cause of Accidents

  • Talking on cell phones while driving – In present times, this has emerged as the most common reason for the cause of automobile accidents. If you are talking on your mobile device you easily lose focus. Many who do talk on their cell phones mostly tend to drive slower and thereby cause frustrated drivers. Sooner or later, if they lose focus, an accident is sure to happen.
  • Texting – Texting while driving can cause minor to severe accidents. A person undeniably loses the ability to fully pay attention to driving  while texting which could lead to numerous calamities. An accident caused by minor distraction can cause severe losses.
  • Road rage – Certain drivers are a danger to themselves as well as others due to their anger, frustration, and lack of patience when it comes to driving. Those who suffer from road rage tend to drive the way they desire without following the traffic laws. Weaving in and out of traffic and cutting others off can cause these drivers, as well as others around them, to be victimized by a bad car crash.
  • Stop Lights –This is the key cause for head-on collisions and side impact crashes. There are those who will break the traffic rules and move even during a red light or might think yellow light signifies to speed up instead of slowing down, inadvertently causing an accident. Even when the light turns green you must move cautiously in order to avert a collision.

Undeniably, there are several things which might cause a car accident. You need to be very observant while driving. Negligence or carelessness is not at all worth risking your life. 911lawsuitloans aids you the best benefits and assistance when you are in need of help. We offer you the great opportunity to get all the medical assistance and other related assistance you might require to heal from any damages which you or your loved ones sustained from an accident. We will surely do our best to get you the pre-settlement financial funding which you might need to pay your bills and other related expenses. We are there to facilitate you and do our best to get you the desired money within 24 hours so that you can start feeling secure and less stressed.


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Michael Smith is the Customer Experience Director at 911 Lawsuit Loans LLC and is responsible for client relations throughout the funding.
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A Pre-Settlement Loan Allows you to Keep Your Home

The concept of a pre-settlement loan is difficult to understand for most plaintiffs because this is a language that those who understand the law are more competent to explain. The simplest response to this factis this. It is keeping people, most especially those who are physically hurt where they have to be- in their homes.


Being in a case involving a work related injury case or a physical injury case is difficult for many people. They are unable to work, have to cover mounting hospital bills, and they need to go to rehabilitation for treatments. This is only the physical side of the issue. The emotional, psychological, and financial stress of an ongoing case, plus the fact that there is no money coming in for every expense is indeed a very stressful experience.


The Benefits of a Pre-Settlement Funding


911 Lawsuit Loans idea and policy onthis funding is linked to the comfort of the plaintiff. The money is used for them exactly to stay at home and concentrate on being well. This takes off the pressure of feeding their families, apartment payments, paying for a mortgage, settling of legal fees, as well as hospital treatment expense.


The plaintiff need not enter into a forbearance agreement with mortgage companies to suspend payments for a specified period of time, until such that the person is able to pay. The loan allows the plaintiff options on how to pay out a mortgage without sacrificing the safety of his family.


The lawsuit loan also takes off the pressure from paying tenants for those living in apartment buildings and condominiums. Tenants expect monthly payment to be delivered on time; otherwise, the plaintiff is given an eviction notice. The money is used to pay off rent and an eviction need not be a threat.


The Years of Waiting Need not be in Vain


It may take years for a personal injury that is work related to be resolved. This should not be a cause for worry for plaintiffs who are pursuing a case. Pre-settlement funding companies will not just have the proper resource to ensure that there is roof over your head; they make sure that you have the money to wait it out until the case is settled. Our company is ready to process and hear your case, confer with your lawyers, and give you advice on matters pertaining to the case.


911 Lawsuit Loans is always open to serve you and our competent staff will make sure all your needs are taken care of. Once the case is reviewed and the merits are strong, we will ensure the speedy processing of papers. This allows you to get your loan in less than a week. The loan will be available for a couple of days. If you have been hurt, talk to your lawyer and call us today at 1-866-933-8638 / 1-866-WE-FUND-U.


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About the author
Michael Smith is the Customer Experience Director at 911 Lawsuit Loans LLC and is responsible for client relations throughout the funding.
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Legal Financial Solutions – Best Help for Plaintiff to Overcome Difficult Times

For such people, legal financial solutions are the best options to overcome their difficult times. If you are facing any financial problem while fighting a lawsuit, then you can contact legal loan providers for some help.


You must be thinking why to avail a legal loan? The main reason behind the popularity of legal financial solutions is that these loans are non-recourse in nature. By the term non-recourse, it means that you will be entitled to return the loan only if you have won any case. You won’t feel stressed after availing these types of loans. You will find it is easy to prepare for the lawsuit and deal with your debts by using this cash amount. There are many cases in which life of a person is highly affected by a personal injury which is caused due to someone else’s mistake. The person might not be able to go back to work and earn a living. In such cases, legal financial solutions play an important role.


Moreover, no credit verification is done in such cases. The company will see that an applicant has a genuine lawsuit and has high chances of winning the case. Depending upon the value of the claim which may be won by the applicant, the legal loan provider grants loan to the applicant. In critical cases, the application is processed within 24 hours and cash is made available to the applicant as soon as possible. With the help of myriad options, cash is made available to the applicant. Generally, companies make sure that an application is processed within a small time span without any delay to make it easy for the applicant.


Besides legal financial solutions, these companies can also provide assistance to their clients regarding the lawsuit. If you have availed a loan, then you can use it for any purpose you want. It is seen that these cash loans enhance the chance of your winning the case. You will pay your attorney on time and provide him/her a motivation to perform even better. It is easy to search for the legal loan renders through internet. Most of the companies have their own official website which gives complete information on their services and fees.


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Michael Smith is the Customer Experience Director at 911 Lawsuit Loans LLC and is responsible for client relations throughout the funding.
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Litigation Funding: A perfect way to get funds for legal proceedings

Getting caught up in a lawsuit is not only tiresome, but also quit costly. Unless you have a strong legal backing, your representative’s fee is the priciest part of the whole course of action. Considering the support through litigation funding is the best way to help you deal with the cost until your case is determined.

Litigation funding is a commercial agreement between the funder and litigant. It helps to take care of the growing cash flow needs. During the legal proceedings, it becomes quite daunting to manage the personal and business expenses, so it is essential to procure benefits of competent services offered by the renowned companies. Companies that offer litigation finance enable you to borrow enough money to successfully get through the trial without any need to lose your home or car. There are ample benefits of this type of service such as ability to pay bills or repairs, easing the concerns of lost incomes and much more.

Medical bills or car repairs can be high when someone is dealing with personal injury cases. Since most of the people do not have enough money to cover these bills, going into debts during a litigation phase is the best option left before them.

Manage your case expenses with litigation finances:

While looking for lawsuits, you need a prominent company that promises to give straight payments. You must search for a company that weighs upon your case and offers you an authentic aid by offering ample funding options, among which you can choose the one that match your needs. This funding service can help numerous plaintiffs and claimants to meet growing needs of solicitors and experts required in handling lawsuit. Several cases that are included under this genre include:

  • General commercial litigation
  • Patent infringements
  • Contractual disputes
  • Intellectual property
  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of trust
  • Misrepresentation

Other types of lawsuits may come across in the form of personal loans from banks or credit unions. It is a great option for personal injury clients who have a good credit history, as they can find low interest and unsecured loans. If interests are high, then you may need to analyze whether litigation financing is the better option for you or not. Paying for injuries with less income is next to impossible but there is a hope that you can remain financially stable until the case is over.

If you are caught up in a legal case, then seeking benefits of litigation financial services offered by topmost companies is the right path for you. Litigation funds provide the much needed capital when you are in a crucial need of money during a lawsuit.